In the modern world, threats can appear out of nowhere and can disrupt a business in a matter of minutes from when a device becomes affected.

Hackers are smart and are always looking for ways to inject malicious code to infiltrate computers, or in the case of scammers, to get banking details from a computer.

TeamGeek ensure the integrity of our customers devices by supplying a support package with the following:

All of our customers computers are encrypted using Bitlocker protection. This ensures that when the computer is powered off, booted from another devices or the password has not been entered, the data on the computer is protected and encrypted with a key that is kept away from the PC. On the flip side, the customer does not have to fiddle with trying to log in to begin their day as when they enter their computers password, the PC lets them in and access to all their data is given just as they would expect.

Our offering also includes the license and usage of Bitdefender Antivirus and Endpoint Security. This provides an active coverage of your machine from the moment it is turned on until you power it off. It is always on the look out for nasty materials that may get downloaded to the computer. By scanning every file, Bitdefender has the ability to remove any malicious files before they get chance to infect your computer. It also comes with the ability to perform full scans on the machine, just incase the worst does happen and you want to be sure your data is completely unaffected.

Sometimes, things slip through the net or have found a way through – this is unfortunately just the modern world and hackers are becoming increasingly aware and clever about the way they create their malicious coding. Because of this, we perform nightly backups of your data, away from all other hardware (and software) to ensure that if the worst does happen, we are able to restore your data quickly and easily with the minimum amount of downtime possible. For this, we use Acronis. This allows us to backup your data and emails to cloud storage and maintain versioning (just incase something is deleted by accident)

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