TeamGeek recommends “one device fits all” – ODFA

The Who’s, What’s, Where’s, When’s and Why’s

In the time following the pandemic, it seems beneficial for both company and staff to introduce hybrid working styles after long periods of work from home. For the employees, this provides flexibility and comfort while productivity remains at a high level, just as it did throughout the pandemic. Employers may also find this works in their favour as it can either:

  • Reducing the size of the office space and calling staff in on different days to accommodate seating arrangements,
  • Increasing the number of staff by assigning desks on different days, while using laptops and home-offices on the days the staff are not in.

The technical side of this can be confusing, overwhelming and expensive. That’s where TeamGeek’s “ODFA” solution comes in.

What’s the TeamGeek ODFA solution?

TeamGeek are rolling out “one device fits all” desk setups, comprised of 1 laptop per member of staff at the company. This is then transported too and from the office or job site by employees so that they have the power, software, documents, and set up they are familiar with wherever they may be stationed that day. This is then supported on-site by the supply of (typically) 2 Monitors in a “daisy chain” configuration with a single USB C cable to both display out, handle peripheral dongles and charge the laptop all at the same time.

So what kit are we recommending?

Well, for the laptop, we are recommending HP Probook’s (445 G8 pictured). They are a powerhouse of a computer in form factors of either 14” and 15.6” (seen in supporting image).

We typically supply Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM, 256GB models which are capable of more or less any workflow you could throw at them. They come with 3 full-size USB ports, 1 USB-C port, a HDMI port and an ethernet port, meaning when they are used as a laptop they are connectable to everything and anything.

For the daisy chained monitors, we are supplying Dell Ultrasharp U2422HE monitors. These feature Displayport, HDMI and USB-C input. These monitors are great, due to the fact the USB-C connector not only transfers display, but also sends USB expansion ports and full 90W power back to the laptop while you work.

So, how does this look?

The short answer? Remarkable.

These setups are clean, convenient, and worth the investment. Any member of staff with a TeamGeek supplied HP Probook, or USB-C DisplayLink capable laptop is able to sit at any desk, plug in, and immediately begin working with the peripherals that are already stationed at the desk. No need for installing numerous drivers or carrying things with you – all you need is the laptop.

A setup like this makes the traveling to and from the office a breeze, while being flexible enough to move staff around at any point in the day, for example when office meetings are occurring, someone needs a quieter space or a member of staff switches teams. No matter where the machine is placed, you get the desktop you’re used to with a setup you understand, with the convenience of one cable.

It’s a tried and tested setup, which we ourselves use in the office as well as having deployed them numerous times for customers.

I want one! What do I do?

Glad you like the setup! Next step is simply email and we will get back to you with a quote for the hardware, setup, and our TeamGeek One Support Pack.

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