Welcome to our new site

Team Geek website on the iMac

Happy to introduce you to our new website!


TeamGeek has undergone a rebranding exercise to better consolidate and represent who we are as a team.

However, before we get there, lets cover the background!

TeamGeek was founded at the end of 2012 providing ad-hoc IT Support and one-off installation projects to small businesses and various residential projects

In 2017 we were fortunate enough to gain a place on the Entrepreneurial Spark (now NatWest) Entrepreneur Accelerator/Incubator which proved valuable to the growth and sustainability of a modern IT company.

We’ve refined our original offering (and continue to do so) and now have a simple per-person monthly package backed up with the knowledge, tools and capacity to proactively manage and maintain small business IT.

We make a considered effort to get to know our customers’ teams and so have great relationships with the end users we support. This enables us to provide the friendly yet efficient support service we’re renowned for.

We continue to offer selected ad-hoc and one-off installation projects.

Now, the new bit!

As the team expands, and we branch out into more industries / new projects, we decided to undergo a rebrand.

Our aim was to solidify our image and spot in the market, while also avoiding the stereotypical Blue/White and Green/White designs found on typical IT support companies branding – this did not suit us as we are not your typical team.

Part of us being who we are is not only knowing our customers well, but also knowing technology well, from from typewriters and computers that filled an entire room to the modern pocket sized devices we use today.

From this, we decided to go for a bold red, black and white branding. Solidifying this by incorporating various fonts and styles into our way of working that would be familiar on old hardware but stands out enough to make even out invoices look fluent with our theming.

As we progress and grow, who knows how we will mold and change to the industry around us!

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